The History Behind Our Logo

Creating a highly recognizable brand is coveted in the business world. Consider some of the world's most renowned brands and I'm sure a few will come to mind that you recognize simply by their logo. This type of instant recognition serves as a clear hallmark of success in the realm of marketing. Marbled Paper Studio is not a large company; it's a small studio of one (with an occasional canine sidekick). But early on I knew how important it was to create just the right logo to represent all that MPS would be. So when I was thinking about a logo to represent Marbled Paper Studio I immediately knew I wanted a simple graphic that would not only serve as an icon of our identity, but also reflect a classic and timeless quality that would be representative of our core values. I wanted a clean graphic that was contemporary, yet provided a sense of history that would remain relevant over time. Was that a tall order?

First, I started to think about my favorite marbled pattern known as the "Feather", shown below. The pattern is delicate, yet has a sense of movement. 

While I was considering several designs and their modern and/or historical references, I started researching feathers in fashion and their use and depiction in the decorative arts. During the Renaissance era, handheld fans tipped with feathers became a luxury fashion trend. These fashion accessories were often highly embellished with gold or precious jewels and are depicted in Renaissance portraits of royalty and wealthy individuals. A good example is the Portrait of Queen Elisabeth I, as depicted by John Bettes (circa 1580's), which now hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in London. 

 att John Bettes,Queen E I,1580-86,NPG

Below is the Portrait of Laura da Pola  (circa 1543–44), the wife of an Italian nobleman, as painted by Italian artist Lorenzo Lotto. The painting remained in their family until it was acquired by the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan, Italy, in 1859. I love how the fan is attached to the elaborate gown by a gold fob chain to ensure that is not left behind. 

L.Lotto, Laura da Pola 1543-44

Centuries later feathers continue to captivate. In stark contrast to the Renaissance portraits, these contemporary black and white photographs depict a single feather exuding a sense of simplistic beauty and sensible grace. They also exude a quite elegance that I find so very appealing. 

Further research led me to delve into the realm of significance and symbolism of plumage.  A feather is quite a powerful symbol and often related to spirituality and freedom. It is also an enduring symbol that signifies trust, strength, wisdom, power, hope, and freedom. The feather is also an object that is deeply revered in many cultures and serves as a sign of high honor. These are all qualities I would love Marbled Paper Studio to be known for. So, after much research and careful consideration, a simple outline of a feather was selected to represent Marbled Paper Studio...our logo was born.


This is our collection of custom logo wax seals. Seals are pressed regularly for letters and packages that are sent from the studio.


I hope you enjoyed learning about the history behind our logo. The logo may seem simple at first glance, but there was deliberate thought and careful consideration put into the design to ensure that it would be meaningful, timeless, and could be reflective of the brand for years to come.