Meet the Artist

Learn about the artist & founder of Marbled Paper Studio

I'm Vanessa, an artist based in Southern California and founder of Marbled Paper Studio. As an artist and creator with degrees in both interior design and urban planning, I bring a unique perspective to the studio. I tackle each project with a blend of artistic vision, design expertise, and commitment to superior customer service. This makes my approach to marbling truly one-of-a-kind.

I am committed to preserving the cherished tradition and rich legacy of marbling for future generations to enjoy. I am pleased to offer the gift of beauty to others through the work I create with each piece being a testament to my love and passion for the decorative arts.

"Creativity is the way we share our soul with the world, revealing our innermost being through the things we make. It is through the pursuit of beauty that we are inspired to create, for in beauty we find truth, meaning, and purpose." -Unknown

My Joy & Inspiration

Here’s a random list of things that make me happy …they are in no particular order...

everyday ordinary moments. loving family. amazing art. pretty paper and paint. inspiring interiors. historic architecture. beautiful antiques and vintage finds. attention to detail. classic typography. phenomenal photography. new discoveries. travel to places near and far. lovely letters. a fabulous pair of shoes. glorious gardens. sexy sports cars. playful puppies. breathtaking water views. the intrigue of Italy. exquisite textiles. beautiful blue skies. antique wax seals. mesmerizing mood boards. comfort food. a hot cup of tea...and anything else that's charming, stylish, and chic.

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