the earliest form of marbling

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The Japanese technique of Suminagashi means “floating ink” and is the earliest form of marbling dating to the 12th century. It is generally characterized by a series of concentric rings that can be quietly elegant. The process is quite meditative and any movement, no matter how subtle, will put its organic fingerprint on the design- including your breath or a slight breeze from an open window nearby. It is this connection between the artist, the water, and nature that makes the allure of Suminagashi a somewhat spiritual experience.

Historically, the range of ink colors were limited to black, vermilion, and indigo. Today, we can create contemporary versions with a much broader color palette than those seen in historical examples.

Suminagashi Gallery

Within the fluid dance of ink and water, Suminagashi reveals the whispers of our souls, connecting us to the tranquil beauty that resides both within and beyond.

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Paper Sampler Pack

Six original 4" x 6" Suminagashi designs ideal for craft projects.


All-occasion notecards / 2 styles available