How A Souvenir Inspired Our Packaging

If you read the prior post about our logo design then you already know that there is meaning behind the way I do things around here that often reflect upon history, are steeped in tradition, or are reflective of past experiences. Every detail is intentional when it comes to design; nothing is happenstance. The same holds true when it came time to design packaging for Marbled Paper Studio. To fully appreciate the meaning behind the design details of our packaging, I first have to share a memory with you to help put things into perspective...

In 1995, I purchased a souvenir from a small shop while on vacation in Spain. After handing over my item to the shopkeeper, he began to meticulously wrap it in sheet of beautiful paper. He folded it up like a piece of origami art. He placed my wrapped souvenir in a bag and secured it shut with a small gold foil sticker seal. I left my package intact and tucked it away safely into my suitcase for the remainder of the trip. When I arrived home I was excited to break the gold foil seal and peel away the layers of the wrapping to reveal my purchase. And when I did, it felt ceremonial. I felt so special.  

Here's a picture of my much younger self during that trip to Spain in 1995...


Fast forward to recent years when it came time to consider packaging for Marbled Paper Studio. I was immediately transported back to that beautiful memory of the souvenir I brought back from Spain. I can't recall exactly what I purchased but I vividly recall the entire unwrapping experience and how it made me feel. Central to my vision for Marbled Paper Studio was crafting an experience, not just packaging.  I knew I wanted the packaging be aesthetically pleasing but it was very important to recreate that positive feeling I experienced with my souvenir for my own clients. I began to wonder: how do I accomplish this when purchases are made online and a physical interaction is not present?

I immediately knew that I would need to focus on the details and inject myself into the design; not just create something that was "pretty". After considering several concepts, I decided that a very neutral or predominantly white palette would be ideal, allowing the color and pattern of the products themselves to claim the spotlight. The choice of a white wrapping serves as an elegant backdrop, allowing the focus to be placed on the colors and patterns of our marbled goods. A neutral blue/grey color known as "payne's grey" is the only color introduced. 

Meticulous consideration went into curating the style and selecting the materials used. Our packaging may appear simple but it is far from ordinary due to the meaning behind it all. For instance, a touch of nostalgia graces each package through the use of a gold seal embossed with our logo, reminiscent of the treasured foil seal that graced my souvenir from long ago. 

Sheets of paper are shipped out rolled. They are carefully wrapped before placed in a durable shipping tube to ensure they reach your doorstep safely.

Smaller items are packaged in either a white box or a custom box displaying our logo. It's not uncommon for me to add a bit of Italian cotton ribbon and some form of embellishment as an extra decorative touch (that I secretly hope gets reused - like the tag shown in the picture below). 


Often times, a customized label is added to an envelope or package. I'll either add hand lettering using a glass dip pen (shown here is one of many from my collection) or calligraphy. The rope design on the labels pays homage to the fact that the studio is located in a beach community. 

And, as an added heartfelt gesture, every purchase receives a personal handwritten note, a testament to the appreciation I have for each valued client (many which I am happy to now call friends).


When your next order from Marbled Paper Studio graces your doorstep, my sincere wish is that you experience a sense of joy and happiness when unwrapping your purchase.