Sumi by Candlelight

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  • 4x6 collage on 5x7 paper






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5" x 6" collage on 11" x 14" paper, framed to 16" x 20" in a light wood birch 

All materials used in the collages are architectural drawings by Michael Bourne, collected materials from our family/life, and my cyanotypes. Together, these 10 pieces tell a story of life with my Dad, how his being began to cloud and fade as dementia set in and a phrase that he said on several occasions in his final years, "I want to go home." Only now do I think maybe it was his way of saying he wanted to go back to himself, when he made sense to himself.

Throughout my Dad's life there was a single thread of matted drawings that seemed to catch my eye each time I encountered them. Most were in offices he worked in or museums we went to together. These pieces were usually studies to the final piece but I often felt that the sketches (the working out of the ideas) were the most beautiful part. That idea is at play in these pieces.

More about this beloved collection:
As I have spackled and sanded, primed and painted, and between drying times matted and framed work for the upcoming exhibit, I have had lots of time to think. I find house chores (and painting in particular) to be the best thinking time, only second to taking long solo drives.
Over the last several years we watched my dad decline from Dementia until he passed last June. It's been almost a year and in that time I have processed his absence by working in mixed media and collage with his old architectural drawings and my cyanotypes. I've worked with collage for as long as I can remember - it seems to come back to me in times of needed comfort and processing. It was the only fitting medium for this body of work. Although it has been a year since his passing, I sometimes cannot believe he is gone. Other times I am comforted to know he is watching down on us, smiling and giggling his silly little laugh. I miss him everyday. I imagine I will miss him for the rest of my life - but in so many ways, this work has brought me even closer to him.



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  • Due to the wet nature of the marbling process there may be traces of paint on the reverse side. This characteristic is also indicative of an authentic original piece of hand marbled paper that adds to the artisan quality and the unique charm of the handmade process.
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