X. Stripes

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This is our version of the classic stripe handpainted in our studio with watercolors we source from around the world.


Production of The process is an intensive one:. First, we hand paint sheets of watercolor paper, cut circle shapes that get pressed into 

Many of our designs started off as simple watercolor ....ok, including our Cerulean Blue stripes.  These may look like simple stripes, but our Cerulean Blue Stwax seals were the first in the STripes collection and inspired by the sky and its beautiful blue hue on a clear day. 

  • Sold in sets of 5. 
  • Pre-made and ready to ship.
  • Each seal has a convenient adhesive peel-and-stick adhesive backing and is ready for immediate use. • A 1-inch diameter metal stamp is used to press the wax which can result in adding approximately 1/8 to 1/4 inches to the finished size. Due to the fact that each wax seal is individually handmade, there will be variations in shape and texture making each seal a one-of-a-kind.