Assorted Pinks & French Papers

Assorted Pinks & French Papers

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A set of 7 small hand marbled paper pieces including 3 vintage French papers. Ideal for small papercraft projects. The colors and patterns are beautiful and abstract. This one is one of our favorites - it was hard to let this one go.

One of each. Approximate sizes (in inches):

  • 1.5x3
  • 1.25x3.5
  • 2x1.75
  • 2.5x3
  • 4x4.25
  • 3.5x4.75
  • 3.25x4.75

Due to the nature of the marbling process, the backside may have paint and pencil marks (to help us identify which side to marble).   Papers may be imperfect (aren't we all!) but are still beautiful and very useful.