Colors of Il Palio

Colors of Il Palio

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Inspiration: Il Palio horserace in Siena, Italy.
Twice a year a horse race known as “Il Palio” takes place in the medieval square (although oval-shaped) Piazza del Campo in Siena, Italy. Jockeys are outfitted in bold and bright outfits that represent each neighborhood, or “contrade”. For the residents of Siena, Il Palio is a tradition and a passionate demonstration of the love of their neighborhood symbolized through color, flags, and pageantry.

Our exclusive hand marbled paper is set into a frame of gold wax like a petite work of original artwork. Each seal is ready to adorn your envelopes, party favors, paper crafts, and more.  

    • Set of 8 round wax seals. 
    • Seals measure approximately 3/4" in diameter.
    • Self-adhesive backing. Press firmly to adhere. 
    • Each wax seal is individually handmade so there will be variations in pattern, shape, and texture making each seal a one-of-a-kind. All seals are crafted from the same sheet of marbled paper but you may receive seals different than those shown.
    • For more on our extensive marbling process, read this. 

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