Marbled Paper Seal Set (Multi-Color)
Marbled Paper Seal Set (Multi-Color)
Marbled Paper Seal Set (Multi-Color)

Marbled Paper Seal Set (Multi-Color)

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When you need something truly special, these wax seals will do the trick!

Our marbled paper is cut to size with the edges hand painted in gold before being firmly pressed into a frame of wax like a petite piece of original artwork. And because we can't leave well enough alone, we layered a heraldic themed wax seal pressed from an antique wax seal in our collection onto one of the three seals. Each seal is ready to adorn your envelopes, gifts, and more! 
    • Set of 3 unique seals with a wonderful organic quality. Each is one of a kind. 
    • These seals are large. The paper insert measures approximately 1 inch x 2 inches.
    • Wax colors are different but complimentary among all seals.  
    • These seals are thick. It is not recommended that you mail these seals without thoroughly protecting them. 
    • Seals are ready to use. Each seal has strong self-adhesive backing. Simply press firmly to adhere. 
    • Each seal is individually pressed so there may be variations in shape and size making but all will be equally lovely.
    • Seals are made from the same sheet of marbled paper but each seal will feature its own unique pattern.
    • Background paper and ribbon adornment are for illustration purposes only and are not included.