There's a lot of truth in the phrase, "Necessity is the mother of all invention."  Having a specific need is often the driving force behind the creation of many new products. A need for a new and unique stationery product is what helped launch Marbled Paper Studio. 

The founder of Marbled Paper Studio is a marbled paper artist who has a collection of modern and antique wax seals. She enjoys using wax seals to embellish cards and gifts for family and friends. When trying to find an innovative new way to use her wax seals, she began embedding hand marbled paper into wax. This allowed the paper to take center stage resulting in a product not previously available on the commercial market. We are proud to say that Marbled Paper Studio became the first to offer a product that combines two centuries old techniques while incorporating a contemporary aesthetic suitable for today’s correspondence and gift giving needs.  And so it began...

Our marbled paper is crafted using traditional methods and serves as the foundation for our products. Marbled Paper Studio is an artistic stationary line that incorporates subtle historical references into our signature wax seal designs. For example, we like to think of our signature wax seals as petite works of art. This is why each seal is intentionally "framed in gold" paying homage to the highly ornate and gilded frames popular during the renaissance and baroque time periods. While gold wax is our what we're known for, we are happy to accommodate additional wax colors for custom orders and on occasion we may release a special color for a particular collection.


We are proud to say that Marbled Paper Studio became the first to offer a product that combines two historic techniques while incorporating a contemporary aesthetic suitable for today’s correspondence and gift giving needs. 




Our products are crafted in our Long Beach, California studio. Our hand marbled papers are created one at a time and we pay particular attention to the details involved in transforming our marbled papers into a variety of paper goods.  You can learn more about our marbling process here.