How to Send Wax Seals Through the Mail

How to Send Wax Seals Through the Mail

We often get asked if you can send wax seals through the mail. The answer is YES!

All our seals are made of flexible wax but we strongly recommend a few things if you are considering sending your seals through the mail. We'd like to share a few things we've learned along the way that can help prevent a mail disaster from occurring. While no one can prevent things from happening to your mail once it leaves your hands, these tips will help ensure your envelope arrives as safely as possible. 

  • Use an outer envelope. In the picture below, the larger envelope is used for postage and it protects the smaller envelope (with the seal) that is placed inside of it. For very thick seals, like the one shown below, this is a must. The outer envelope also creates a wonderful opportunity to coordinate the colors and design of your wax seal with the postage. 

  • Request Hand Canceling. There is always the potential that seals may get damaged if they are run through a mechanical post office sorting machine so it is best to ask your local post office to "hand cancel" your letters. When the USPS processes your mail, a mark is placed on the postage that defaces the postage so it cannot be reused. Hand canceling is an alternative to machine canceling since the cancellation is manually applied by a postal employee rather than a machine. The post office charges extra to hand cancel an envelope, but it is worth the nominal cost to ensure that your seal arrives with minimal to no damage. The current cost for hand canceling is an extra 21¢ for a standard envelope, although this is not uniformly enforced. We were charged an extra 15¢ for the letter pictured above but have heard stories of postal employees processing a couple of letters for free. Be sure to check the requirements with your local post office.  

We've sent letters through the mail without following these tips and found it to be a hit and miss. Some seals arrived perfectly intact with no damage while others were slightly warped. It is best to consider these options to help ensure your mail arrives as safely as possible. This is particularly important if you're dealing with special pieces of mail like wedding invitations. It's much better than simply going on a hope and a wish that your wax seals land in the recipient's mailbox without damage.