5 Creative Ways to Use Vintage Postage

To us, postage stamps are more than just utilitarian pieces of sticker paper to get mail from Point A to Point B. These little pieces of decorative paper are much more than just postage; many designs represent miniature works of art. We love not only using vintage stamps for letter writing  (read our prior post) but we also find joy in finding other ways to utilize them. Here are a few of our favorite unexpected way to incorporate vintage postage into various projects that puts the stamp center stage. 

(1) Decorate the face of mini envelopes.  We like to match the color and design of the envelope to the stamp. In this case, the blue envelope has a swirl effect reminiscent of ocean waves, so it seemed very appropriate to use a stamp with a nautical theme. 

(2) Use them to seal a mini envelope, as we've done with the "Best Wishes" stamp. For larger envelopes, use a grouping of multiple stamps.

(3) Decorate the face of a notebook, as shown in the image below. At about 3 inches square, this mini notebook puts postage front and center. We also have notebooks available for purchase ready for you to embellish with your favorite stamps. 

    4. Use them to decorate a gift tag.

    5. Use them as accents on a place cards.  Use international postage to prompt conversation.

    Like the envelope examples shown in this post? You can purchase them here. 


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